Seize Your Music - Abandonment issues

Do You Have Abandonment Issues?

Seize Your Music - Abandonment issuesDo you suffer from abandonment issues?

It’s okay — we all do.

Abandoning music before it’s fully realized is a trait among creative musicians that probably goes back to the beginning of recorded music.

The only problem NOW is: it’s easier than ever to abandon our music. That’s because recording has never been so cheap. Ever.

In the olden days, when a musician wanted to abandon something they’d created — because, of course, it wasn’t good enough — there was a cost involved: studio hours, the price of tape, engineers, etc.

These days? The only cost is time lost.

Of course, sometimes there is no choice but to abandon something we’ve created. It’s not working — the feeling’s just not there. That happens. And it’s a normal part of being a creative musician.

Why do we abandon our music?

But there are other times when we SHOULDN’T abandon our work — and, yet, we do. Why?

Well, I think it’s because we don’t know what we’ve really got in our hands half the time. Put another way, we find it hard to value our work.

Because, the thing that we have that makes it easy for us to write a piece of music means we can easily become blase about our talent. ‘It’s nothing,’ we will say, ‘it’s just something I can do.’

Could you ALWAYS write music, though? No, of course not. There was a time when it was difficult, right?

Back then, did you abandon any music you’d created before you finished it? Odds are the answer is, no.

If you were like me — or many other musicians — you were enamoured with the writing process. You LOVED it. You found it magical. It gave you a genuine buzz.

Writing a song? Wow!

What gives you the right, anyway?

So, when did you get jaded? And WHEN did you start questioning what the universe gave you that allowed you to share your message through music?

In fact, what gives you the RIGHT to make a decision to abandon your work at all?

Isn’t THAT a choice that belongs to your listeners? Your audience?

Sure, sure, you need your music to surpass a certain level of quality. But HOW high does the quality need to be? Seriously?

All you have to do is find a writing-recording-mixing workflow that works for you and get your music done. (BTW If you need help with finding a workflow, get in touch.)

But DON’T abandon your music before it’s finished — for no good reason. DON’T just leave your art on your hard drive. That’s no good for anyone.

You’ve got abandonment issues? Maybe it’s time to abandon the thought that you have the RIGHT to abandon anything at all.

Photo credit: Sunrise 3 via photopin (license)

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