Why Your Friends Are ‘Just Not That Into You’

SYM - Your friends are not that into you

I recently finished a tune. It was a big occasion. I had lived with the song for about two months. And now I was hitting the ‘bounce’ button in my DAW.

I was printing the mix.

I felt good … No — I felt great.

So great that I had to email it to someone close to me — someone who would ‘get it’. I had to have someone FEEL what I was feeling.

I went to bed. The next day I got a phone call. The reply? “Idiosyncratic,” they said. “Interesting.”

Of course, I was deflated.

Have you had that feeling? That feeling like your nearest and dearest don’t love what you do? Well, I have news for you …

You’re probably wrong.

Why aren’t you feeling the love?

Yes, that’s right. Your nearest and dearest probably do love what you do — because, after all, music is part of what makes you who you are to them.

So what gives, then? Why are you not feeling the love?

The answer is simply this: No amount of love or words of encouragement will be enough for you.

That’s because your family and friends are probably not your target audience.

In fact, if you weren’t related to them — or married into the family — the likelihood is high that they would not be buying tickets to your show.

Frankly, they’re just that into you.

Not at the end of a phone call …

That’s the bad news. The good news is: it doesn’t matter.

All you need do is accept what you can’t control; accept that your family and friends love you; and accept that your true audience — the people who will pay to see and hear you — ARE out there in the world …

They’re just not at the end of a phone call.

Not yet.

Photo credit: Goubgoub via photopin (license)

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