SYM - Demos or finished album

Why You Should Release Your Demos

SYM - Demos or finished albumI have spent more than 10 years creating music. I have written songs and instrumentals in the triple digits – in the low hundreds, in fact.

But how many songs have I released during this decade-long period of time?


That’s right. Seven songs. I have produced one album consisting of seven songs.

But, wait, you say – why do you only have seven songs out there – in the big wide world – when you say you have written hundreds of songs?

Welcome to my artistically challenged life.

No, really. I’ve rarely been happy with my music life. Despite the gifts I have to write music.

Live your life as a demo

And it’s ONLY very recently that I realize what I’ve been doing wrong ALL these years … I have been living my life as a finished album, and NOT as a demo.

Would you do me a favour and read that last sentence again? Because you might think that I got the order wrong.

‘Whoa, Rohan, I think you mean: you’ve been living your life as a DEMO, when you should be living your life as a finished album.’

I appreciate your guidance, but you’re wrong. That’s EXACTLY what I mean.

You see, when I listen to my demos on my hard drive (touch wood, I still have 95 per cent of my demos – only losing about 5 per cent to the great hard drive crash of 2009) my demo music is vibrant … and real … and alive.

Your demos are alive

Why? Because I had just created it, or was STILL creating it, when I recorded it on my iPhone, or on my mp3 player …

That’s the music I should have been releasing to the world all along, NOT holding on to them, scrubbing them, and scrubbing them, and scrubbing them until they were red and raw, and I was exhausted.

Those finished songs on my album are good – but they’re NOTHING on the demos.

My demos are alive.

Zap, crackle and pop

And I’ll tell you what, I will make a stone-cold, stare-you-in-the-eyes bet that your BEST material are demos, too … not the stuff that you deem fit for publishing.

Because the stuff you publish is safe … and acceptable.

It’s acceptable because that’s how you think you can be accepted in life … by making acceptable content. By having acceptable thoughts.

Listen, do me a favour? Find a mirror, get real close, and whisper, ‘The real me is in my demos.’ Then see how that made you feel.

I guarantee that the feeling you get will be exactly the same for those you share your demos with.

I guarantee they will instantly connect to the zap, crackle, pop and energy in your art.

Because life is in the spark – not the fire.

Photo credit: Wide Lightning via photopin (license)

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