SYM - Remember when music was fun

Remember When Music Was Fun?

SYM - Remember when music was funI purchased some guitar backing tracks earlier this week.

It was the best investment I had made in my music in months.


Because playing solos over these backing tracks was a blast!

It was so much fun. It felt like playing lead guitar live on stage.

And doing this made me realize how working on my own music can sometimes feel like a chore.

Oftentimes, we’re so intent on ‘making it’ — getting our music finished and heard — that we forget to have fun.

We forget to just jam with other musicians … or play to backing tracks … or whatever else is fun for us to do.

Input of energy

But we forget to do this at a huge cost.

Because without any fun, there can be no inspiration for when it’s time to finish our next musical opus.

Without the input of some ENERGY, there can be no energy to zap along the wires to get our music done. That’s just the laws of thermodynamics.

So, before opening your DAW project and labouring some more on your music, maybe you need to ask yourself: What have I done that was just plain fun?

And if the answer eludes you, maybe it’s time to download some backing tracks, or call your friends — or whatever else works for you — and blow the cobwebs off the ceiling.

Then, when you get back to your own music, the topped-up energy you’ll have in your tanks will power your tracks to the finish line.

Photo credit: Hands – Shed Seven – Shepherds Bush Empire via photopin (license)

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